Welcome to Peace, Love & Good Food!

I'm Nina, and I believe that good food must be loved into existence. I also made my family walk all over the city of Charleston in the sweltering Carolina heat just so I could eat that cupcake you see in the picture above. I started this blog back in 2009 to both document my latest kitchen creations in my Charlotte apartment and to entertain my family and friends who were always asking me what's for dinner. 

I come from a big- loud- loves to entertain- full of love- Italian family. I like to contribute to the loudness. I am the oldest of three girls and the magic that comes out of our family kitchen is over the top. We love food. A lot. My parents are culinary geniuses. Did I mention we like to entertain and throw parties?

From a young age, I learned that food should be savored, wine should be sipped slowly and that after God's Holy Trinity, comes Holy Trinity #2- basil, tomato and mozzarella. I learned that dinner time is family time. Growing up, all five of us sat down to eat at the table together every night. EVERY NIGHT. Some of the best conversations, belly laughs and inside jokes took place at that table that still sits in my parents' kitchen. In a family of all girls and two medical professionals, you NEVER know what will be said. This is how we like to test any 'newcomers" to our table- see how much they can handle! My poor Dad has always been the minority in our sorority, but I'm pretty sure he likes it that way. There's nights we sit there for hours, long after the pasta is gone and a few bottles of wine later, I'm pretty sure we conquer world peace. The art of creating something delicious is what I love but when you have loved ones to share it with, that is what I enjoy the most.

Now that I am married, I found that my fancy new kitchen gadgets and tools took my love affair with food to a new level. Mark could live off of meat and I love salads so much I could swim in them, making our dinner plates a perfect combination; colorful, healthy and full of flavor. We eat well. Really well. This includes eating dessert. Everything in moderation is a term I take very seriously. Life is too short not to enjoy each bite and thankfully, Mark is slowly adopting my life philosopy.

I like to blog about what's on our plates, what we've been up to and the occasional post on expanding my closet inventory, party planning, DIY home projects and Lovie (otherwise known as my sisters) adventures. 

See, Mom and Dad, I wasn't just making salad or setting the table. I was paying attention! Cooking & entertaining has been ingrained in my blood and I love sharing my passion with others.