Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morning Coffee Hour with Matt Lauer

Ever since I was little, I have always been a morning news nerd. I remember waking up before 6am in elementary school, pulling up a stool to the counter in the kitchen where our small kitchen TV sat and just being enthralled by Eric Smith & Chad Meyers' daily Detroit weather reports and other news in Hockeytown, USA. I used to tell people that when I grew up, I wanted to take over for Katie Couric when she left the Today Show and at the end of the workday, I really would just love to stand in front of that green screen and be Nina Nido the weather girl or perhaps change my name to Summer Showers or Mary Snowflake. I can never get enough of the doppler radar! I am now a huge proponent of the Today Show and I really treasure my time getting ready in the morning while watching Matt, Meredith, Ann, Al and the gorgeous Natalie Morales. I love the show so much, in fact, that when my family made a trip to New York City last week without me (growing up stinks sometimes), my only request was that they bring me back a Today Show coffee cup from NBC Studios.

As most of those close to me know, the smallest things in life are the ones that make me the happiest and waking up on Monday morning and pouring coffee into my brand new Today Show coffee mug did not disappoint in the least. Such a delightful treat to have a mug that matches my morning friends. Another reason to smile on a Monday? My beautiful sunflowers that Mr. M (Andi, I'm referring to him as "Mr. M" this one and only time just to make you chuckle) gave to me almost 2 weeks ago are still in perfect bloom.

Happy Week to all!! Ciao!


  1. cute post and your right the simple things are what matter the most

  2. I love watching the Today Show in the morning, I feel so informed when I get to work. I like your mug, I want one!