Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Bites & Everything Nice

Christmas 2009 did not disappoint in the Nido house as we were all bustling around trying to take it all in. These pictures of Christmas captured through a lens really speak for themselves.

My wonderful mother had our house dressed in Christmas in an exceptionally gorgeous fashion this year with new little touches that only added to the magic. My favorite
extra burst were the floating hydrangeas in tall candle pillars that looked absolutely breathtaking on the table scape for the annual party.

The food still takes center stage as the house filled with the scent of fresh pizzelles being pressed, caramelized sugar for our Christmas Eve creme brulee and the special smells that can only be noticed at this special time of year.

My delighted us again this year with his magical meringue mushrooms that are so delicate and cloud like. They are just tiny puffs of air that look like small works of art rather than an edible after dinner dessert (that also happens to make a great conversation piece at a holiday dinner party).

Before I left work on a two week vacation (aka heaven), I tried my hand at peppermint Oreo truffles which turned out to be one of the easiest and most delicious bite sized sweet treat that I have ever made. Andi discovered this recipe early in the season and has promised to post a guest blog with a step by step recipe...I'm holding her to it.

On Christmas Eve, we ate our precious annual dinner of shrimp scampi and polenta with a rich and hearty marinara sauce that is truly the best marinara sauce eaten all year...

Did I mention the Nido girls for a new brother for Christmas!? I could not be happier and will post the most magical of all engagement stories soon! And yes, we are still listening to Christmas music. I pray for best wishes and many special blessings for everyone in 2010!!!

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  1. oh em gee your Christmas menu sounds amazing my mouth is watering now! I agree 2 week vacation is heaven. It will be so hard to go back tomorrow.