Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lucky 100!

I'm back!! I am neglecting my blog and I miss it so much! In the past month I have moved out of my precious apartment, relocated the majority of my possessions to the Midwest and taken up residence in my old room at the "Nido Luxury Hotel". This means I should be blogging about every meal I eat, right!? It's all about the food over here. With all of us being at home this summer it could not be any more of a funny farm and I am loving every minute of it! Our summer fun list is bursting at the seams and I cannot wait to bask in the happiness!

There really is no reason for lack of spreading peace & love other than that the busy-ness that is life has gotten the best of me and I have not done my job to pause in the small, happy and delicious moments and share them here. Like every bride does, I have been counting down the days until our September wedding and like the dork that I am, decided to sync up the 100 day mark with my 100th blog post! It's hard to believe I have had this little blog for a year and I just want to leave a little sprinkle of Nina love and blog hugs too anyone who has popped over in the last year or so as I take my bloggable bites and share delightful morsels of life.

Happy weekend.
Happy 100th blog post.
And Happy 100 Moore Days!!


  1. yay for major milestones in life and blogging.

  2. you are too cute...nice touch with the "moore." can't wait for june 26th! xoxo

  3. This post is too cute!! Would love to hang out with you soon! :)