Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Lovie is Legal!

I have several tasty weekend eats to post, but those will just have to wait. I could not let this wonderful day go by without wishing my sweet baby sister a Happy 18th Birthday!! Andi (the middle sister of the wonderful Lovie trio) reminded me that this week in our hometown is the Victorian Festival! I had a quick flashback of the 1992 festival when we had to rush out early because our mother was in labor. Our lives changed for the better that day for sure. Since Natalie is now nestled up in the mountains at my beloved alma mater, Appalachian State, I offered to buy her a tree hammock or banjo lessons for her birthday. She said she just wanted us all to be together in the same state as soon as humanly possible.
I love you sweet little Lovie!!! Happy Happy day!! I wish we were all eating our heavenly cloud of an angel food cake together right now. Hope your day has been fit for an Italian Mountaineer Perfect Princess!

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