Thursday, January 6, 2011

Queen City Christmas

The 12th Day of Christmas is upon us and the celebrating is about to come to an end. Our tree is still glowing and gorgeous but I do believe it's time to un-deck the halls and tuck the ornaments in for 11 months. I cannot believe that December appeared then disappeared even faster than the jingle of Santa's bells. Our first Christmas together was wonderful and I am loving some of the new traditions we have already started together. Hopefully there won't be many more Christmases that we are living so far away from our families because the trips are so quick and barely enough time to soak in all of the magic. I got to partake in all of my most cherished family traditions including Christmas eve pajamas with the lovies, beautiful and breathtaking as always, Midnight Mass and we cannot forget the famous post church Creme Brulee that MFN loves into existence every year. I live for this dessert! Anyone who spends time with my family can tell you that there's something special about the Nido house at Christmas time. It certainly is extra special and my mother's knack for extra special touches is bar to none! To top off the magic of Christmas with our families, The Carolinas saw a WHITE CHRISTMAS! Surprisingly enough, even growing up in Michigan, I hardly remember any holidays with the white stuff but we left snowy Illinois only to find ourselves playing in the flakes in North and South Carolina. We had a little snow fight with our sweet SC nieces and nephew and warmed up with homemade hot chocolate. There is something more beautiful about snow in places that hardly get to enjoy it. There are few better feelings than celebrating Christmas with the people you love the most. We made it back to IL, enjoyed our very first visitor (which was wonderful and must be saved for its own post) and before we knew it, we were toasting in the New Year with a tasty dinner, homemade lemon sorbet and a bottle of champagne.

2011 is already off to an amazing start! We are on a bit of an extra health kick repairing the damage of the inevitable Christmas calories. This whole being married thing is working out nicely because on top of all of the wonderful things that we enjoy about being married to each other, we each got a bonus! Mark has a personal chef and I have a personal trainer. I would say this is a winning combination! During the week it's been pretty healthy around here but we decided that Saturdays we can indulge a little extra. On this weekend's radar- basil ice cream with a balsamic blackberry drizzle.

Wishing everyone a happy end to the magic of the holiday season, a delicious upcoming weekend and a delightful year ahead! (filled with extra peace and love, of course!)

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