Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Month & Counting

Yesterday marked us officially being ONE MONTH away from a very special day! Anyone that knows my sweet family, knows that though there are 3 Nido sisters bound by blood, we love to pick up more sisters along the way. (you all know who you are!) Our blonde sister, Sophie, is getting ready to become a mother for the first time and we could not be more excited! My heart is so full of love when I think about Sophie and Delicious Doug as they get ready for their new little family. I don't think that I could be more anxious to meet a baby as I am my new niece/nephew when he/she makes a grand entrance into the world and into the arms of its loving parents. I have enjoyed receiving regular e-mails with updates on baby "Velvet" (the nickname S&J have given their unborn child), especially the fact that every other line refers to Velvet as a he, and then a she! I cannot wait until the day that I get the call with the news that the new peanut has arrived, especially since Sophie and Doug are waiting to be surprised by the gender! Their are few surprises left in this world and I love that they are doing this. If precious Velvet is born on his/her due date, we will share a birthday!! But according to Hot Momma Sophie, this baby is going to be here sooner rather than later. Much love to our blonde sister and sending many prayers for a healthy last month!!


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