Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pure Summer Love

Summer is officially here, although I feel as though it's been with us for the past two months. Besides bright toenail polish, Carolina coast vacations and summer dresses galore, summer brings with it a whole lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that make their way into the kitchen and onto the breakfast, lunch and dinner plates. Farmer's markets are popping up everywhere and the produce in the grocery store looks extra juicy. Healthy cooking is truly at its best when Summer arrives.

I tossed together my favorite summer pasta recipe last week- it's pure happiness in a pasta bowl. This recipe was posted back in 2009 and is a Nido family staple. It never goes out of style. There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic tossed with fresh paparadelle or linguine, otherwise known as the holy trinity.

Happy Summer!

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