Monday, July 18, 2011

Camarones Enogada

Cama-what? Camarones is Spanish, for shrimp. Enogada means, well, that I am not sure of but the following recipe is the result of the deliciousness that is a family favorite inspired by our favorite local Mexican restaurant in Charlotte. Shrimp from a Mexican restaurant may sound like a rare bite but trust me on this one, it's my favorite to order in the summertime at El Valle in Matthews, NC. My genius in the kitchen dad recreated this masterpiece while on Kiawah Island at the end of June and our fresh Carolina coast shrimp were never happier on a plate. Boiled shrimp atop a bed of cilantro, onions, tomato and avocados, all swimming in a bath of lime juice. A perfect summer meal while on the water, or on land.

Camarones Enogada

Sliced tomato
Sliced avocado
Sliced jalapeno (optional)
Chopped sweet onion
Chopped cilantro
Shrimp, peeled
Old Bay Seasoning
Lime juice
Salt & pepper

This is preparation on the fly at its best. No measurements, no real directions and the dish is prepared on each individual plate- have fun with it. The appeal is all in the presentation here, so take your time to slice the fresh tomatoes and avocados, then line them around the plate. Next, take the chopped onion, jalapeno and cilantro and make a bed in the middle of each plate. Toss lightly with lime juice, salt & pepper. Boil the shrimp and season with Old Bay Seasoning. Make a home for the shrimp on the bed of cilantro and onions.

Note: to cut the jalapeno heat, remove the heat. That's where all the hot stuff is hidden.

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  1. Your meals always look to pretty to eat.

    I'm always jealous.

    And I always want you to come teach me how to cook :)