Saturday, March 17, 2012

Black & White Gallery Wall

This St. Patrick's Day post has nothing to do with bright green, and a lot to do with classic black and white. I've had this gallery wall completed for several months now and am just now getting around to blogging about it! Since I have my whimsical wall of yellow mirrored medallions in our family room, I thought a cleaner, more uniform gallery wall would be a nice contrast on the opposing wall. There is something soothing about black and white photos and metallic frames added just enough texture. I purchased the 11x14" frames from Hobby Lobby for around $12 each. For a custom framed look, I bought white photo mats from Amazon.

Each black and white photo is 8x10". The gallery includes our very favorite wedding photo and I smile every time I walk by. I'm now inspired to create more gallery walls in our home. Next, I may tackle the wall behind the desk in my office for what I'll just call "Nina's office makeover, volume 2".

In the spirit of the Irish holiday today, we ventured into the green sea of downtown! We have been having some fantastic weather in these parts and today was another beautiful day. There were so many festive families out and about. We had lunch at a cafe in our little college town and watched the parade as we ate. For "dessert", we headed to an irish pub for for a mid-afternoon brew.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!