Monday, May 13, 2013

Basic Marinade Ratio

It's officially grilling season!! Nothing says Summer cooking like firing up the Komado Joe! Mark does all the heavy lifting (grilling) and I have time to play in the kitchen and focus on fresh salads, sides and tasty cocktails! I came across some great marinating tips in the June issue of Cooking Light and thought I would pass them along. This marinade formula is what I typically stick to and results in perfectly marinated meat every time.

Basic Marinade Ratio
Cooking Light, June 2013, pg. 13

one part acid (vinegar, citrus juice or yogurt)
one part oil 
two parts aromatics (fresh herbs)
salt or soy sauce

The chef in Cooking Light recommended canola oil as a neutral oil but I always tend to use olive oil. For the sugar component, I like to use Grade A Maple Syrup or honey, but sometimes I leave this part out all together. I try to keep salt to a minimum and unless I am using soy sauce, do not salt the meat until right before it goes on the grill.

Happy grilling to all!

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