Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Will- Two Months!

Prince William turned 2 months old on Friday and if I'm being honest, my heart ached a little. These little peanuts grow and change so fast and I'm trying my hardest to soak up each day and enjoy all of the special moments.

Will's second month was filled with milestones! At around 6 weeks, he started REALLY smiling at us! This moment made all of the sleepless nights more than worth it. He's smiling more and more each day- when he smiles with his whole face and his tiny scrunched up nose, it kills us! 

He's started to sleep longer at night and is getting a little bit more predictable. His tiny, newborn cries have gotten a bit louder and I think he's starting to discover that he has a voice! 

Speaking of crying, there is one thing that always calms him down. DANCING. He especially loves dancing with the lovies (Aunt Nat and Aunt Andi)! I think his perfect dance party playlist would include Get Lucky, Blurred Lines, Take Back the Night and Counting Stars. The little man has good taste in music ;) After all, it was a constant dance party when he was snuggled up in my belly. Especially when J. Timberlake was turned up loud.

One of the highlights of July was the meeting of the second generation lovies!!! My very best friend, Meghan, had a little boy in December and we patiently waited to see if Dylan would have a future wife or a future brother from another mother. We had the best time when the McConnells visited Charlotte. Will loves his Aunt MOD and Uncle S2H so much already and the baby boys are well on their way to becoming best friends! It's time for family vacations!

My dear friend Lauren also made a stop in Charlotte with her baby girl, Camilla! So many baby friends for the little mister.

The little one also took his first Kiawah Island vacation! Kiawah is my very favorite of the Carolina beaches and it's a special place for my family. It was so much fun to enjoy a family vacation this year with the newest lovie in tow! 

Will LOVED the beach. His sound machine plays waves at night when he goes to bed and I know he just loved a real life giant version of his favorite noise. He just cruised in his tent that we set up every day, fondly referred to by my dad as "Camp Will". 

This month, Will is especially loving his swing, his play mat, walks in the neighborhood and wearing STRIPES! When he's excited and happy, he wiggles and kicks all over the place. 

He's also starting to notice his giant red dog, Wrigley! He doesn't even mind when the doodle comes up to him and licks the entire side of his face. 

I just love this little boy so much. 

Happy two months, little one!


  1. I love this post, Nina! I think he needs to be my etsy shop model- SO CUTE!! Love the picture of Wrigley laying beside him... So sweet.

  2. So sweet! Y'all are just precious...I can't wait to be able to experience these same moments!