Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Will- 5 Months!

This little cutie turned FIVE MONTHS OLD on November 9. He's almost half a year old and it's blowing my mind. We don't go back to the doctor until December for his 6 month appointment, but I jumped on the scale with him and I think he is over 14 pounds now!

Will continues to be the sweetest, happiest and easy-going little lovie. We have really seen his little personality come out this past month as he surprises us with new tricks on an almost daily basis!

We are so close to catching him roll from his back to his stomach. We know he can do it because we often find him on his tummy in the mornings but we have yet to catch him in action. It is the funniest thing to watch.

The bumbo finally got some use this month and Will LOVES it. It's a great way for him to see what's going on and be in the middle of everything. Our giant new kitchen island has plenty of room for him to sit and play while we cook, eat dinner or entertain guests. He just loves it. 

While taking a bath a few weeks ago, Will started blowing bubbles with his mouth and we were thinking it was just a natural reaction to being near the water and trying to keep it out. As soon as he got out of his little bath, he was still sticking his tongue out and blowing bubbles and has been doing it ever since. He has definitely figured out that it makes us laugh.

Will still loves to kick and wiggle all over the place when he gets excited. His left leg really gets going and he smiles with his entire face. These monthly pictures are proving to be harder and harder to take thanks to Mr. Wiggles.

He is so expressive and makes the funniest little faces. We can't help but smile...even when he gives us that perfect little pout. 

During mid-October, one of my best friends from college came to visit with her little girl who is almost two months older than Will! Susanna and he fell in love the moment they laid eyes on each other. It's so much fun when friends have babies! We were so excited about their meeting that we forgot a mom picture!

We also had a quick visit from one of my other college bests, Allison! She is due with a baby boy in February and I cannot wait. Baby P and Will are going to be the cutest little pals.

The highlight of October was most definitely Halloween! I loved Halloween as a kid but having a baby of my own this year took it to a whole new level! Every year, my mom would help us with our costumes- we had some of the most creative ones. Doing the same thing for Will was such a treat. I saw this costume on Pinterest probably two years ago and told Mark that whenever we had a baby, this would be his/her first Halloween costume. William made the cutest little bowl of spaghetti and meatballs we ever did see. 

Our neighborhood has a Halloween parade every year to kick off Trick-or-Treating and bringing our little guy this year was so much fun.

It was also so special to have an impromptu visit from my parents the night before Halloween. They arrived with festive treats in hand for baby Will...

pumpkin pajamas included!!!

This little boy LOVES his dog. Every day he becomes more and more interested in what Wrigley is doing. His little head follows Wrigs around the entire room and he loves running his hands over those doodle curls. It was a tough adjustment for the dog but I think he is finally settling in with his little brother. They really do love each other. 

Little Will continues to brighten our days and complete our world. 

We can't imagine our days without him and we are so thankful for this little family of ours.

Happy five months, Little One!


  1. Love this post! Man time flies...and he is growing into such a handsome little man! And let me just say that you look fantastic!

  2. That is the perfect picture of his pout!! Happy 5 months Mister Will!!

  3. There are so many things I love about this post! He is SO CUTE! I love the one of him and Susanna, and the one with Wrigley! I hope to stop by for another visit soon!

  4. I can't wait to get Will, Susanna and Baby Parker together again soon!!

  5. Love our little guy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OH.MY.WORD.... your sweet little love is so very precious. He's giving me baby fever!! Enjoy it, mama... I swear, the first year just flies by at lightning speed!