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My Newborn Baby Favorites

The internet is an incredible tool at our fingertips and while there is sometimes too much information out there, I am thankful for the wonderful resource that it is. When I was pregnant with Will, I turned to many parenting blogs and sites for recommendations on books to read, products to buy and general "what the heck is going on with my body while it's growing a human" questions. 

One of my favorite parts about preparing for our baby was researching baby products. I embraced my inner nerd and went to town. Much like planning our wedding, I made a binder, dividers and all, to keep track of any and all things baby related. In addition to browsing blogs, I have a wonderful group of girls, both close family and friends, who gave me tons of great advice and recommended their favorite products. I loved finding similar lists on other blogs and thought it would be fun to compile my own list of my favorite newborn products. Bringing baby home from the hospital is a crazy, amazing, whirlwind of an experience, and all of these products proved to make our first months at home easier. In fact, all but a few of these products are still used in our house every day.

All of these products were recommended to me from either other bloggers or my other mom-friends and I hope that I can pay it forward and 

1. Fisher Price Rock n Play
This portable baby basinet was a lifesaver the first few weeks that Will was home. Will has been sleeping in his crib since his first night home from the hospital but during those first few weeks, he napped in this during the day. I could carry it from room to room and he loved being cozy and slightly upright during daytime naps. 

2. Aden + Anais Swaddle Plus Blankets
Is there any mom who doesn't love these!? They are so soft and the perfect swaddling blanket. Will came home from the hospital in one of these (so did Prince George!) and spent his first two months swaddled up in these while he slept. We still use these to cover him up in the car and for playing on the floor. The more you wash these, the softer they get!

3. The Miracle Blanket
Easily my most favorite item on this list. The Miracle Blanket was recommended to me by a dear friend and I am still kicking myself that I didn't have this purchased before Will was born. It is the best swaddle on the market, in my opinion. No zippers or velcro, which I also really like. These really help with the newborn startle reflex and help keep them snug once the little loves can break out of a simple blanket swaddle. Once we started using this (at about 2.5 months), Will started sleeping through the night. This blanket is a miracle, indeed!
4. Ubbi Diaper Pail
Many people told me that I wouldn't need a diaper pail right away but let me tell you, I am SO GLAD that we have had this from day one. This product is a little pricey compared to other diaper pails, but is well worth the money in my opinion. The pail is metal, and not plastic, so it really keeps the smell out. Another plus is that it doesn't require special bags. We use our normal kitchen trash bags. 

5. Boon Lawn Drying Rack
If you have to have a drying rack for baby's feeding essentials on your counter at all times, it might as well be a cute one. The green grass removes from the white base, making for easy cleaning of the actual rack as well. 

6. Baby Gap
Baby Gap is my favorite place to shop for Will. He might as well be a brand ambassador. The cotton First Favorites collection are the softest baby clothes ever made! Will still lives in Baby Gap basics. The plain white footed pajamas are my favorite. I have also been very impressed with the quality. After many, many washes, all of Will's clothes from Baby Gap are still in great condition. The sizing is consistent as well, which is always helpful. We love falling into the Gap!

7. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs
These burp cloths are a two in one deal. They have a snap closure on the back so that they can be used as a bib. Like all things from Aden + Anais, they are super soft and the prints are adorable. 

8. Ergo Baby Carrier and Infant Insert
Babywearing is fun! I remember the first few months, like clockwork, Will would treat us to a scream fest almost every night around dinner time. He would cry and cry and cry and as clueless first time parents, we felt upset, helpless and exhausted. Boy, were we exhausted. This time of night we always pulled out the Ergo and almost immediately, Will would calm down and either relax, or go to sleep. Little buddy just wanted to snuggle. Now that he's older, we're using the Ergo without the infant insert for everyday errands and outings. 

9. Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing
Because I was very active during my pregnancy, I had a feeling that Baby Moore would love the swing- and he did! He still does from time to time. Our swing was loaned to us so we weren't picky, but the newer version of this swing has the ability to change the seat from a laying position to upright. Either way, the swing was a hit! Another product I would LOVE to get my hands on if the time comes is the Mamaroo! A much smaller footprint and I think the company is so neat.

10. Sleep Sheep
Sound machines were one of the most frequently recommended items to me. The sleep sheep attaches to the crib or car seat with a velcro loop and has timed noise for 15, 30 and 45 minutes to help baby sleep. I will say that Will doesn't have to have it on to sleep, but I am certain that it helps. We are lucky to have such a good little sleeper!

11. Aveeno Baby 
Thankfully, there are so many natural baby products out there to pick from today. We happen to LOVE Aveeno baby products. Clean, Simple and gentle, everything from their baby wash to their diaper rash cream and everything in between, keep our little guy nice and fresh, without irritating his skin.

12. Puj Tub
Whoever invented this thing is a genius! This lightweight, foam tub folds up into the perfect shape for your bathroom sink for bathing baby in the first few months. It was so nice not to have to use the big tub while will was tiny. This product is a must have for sure!

13. Summer Infant Baby Monitor
Another item on the pricey side, but well worth it! The camera can be controlled with the monitor and has a wide range of sight. The video monitor is certainly not necessary, but we sure do like being able to see our little buddy snuggled up and asleep. Multiple cameras can be purchased to hook up to the monitor as well, which is another plus!

In addition to these products, here are a few of the books that I felt really helped me while I was pregnant. I tried to pick and choose what I read, because too much would have made me go bonkers, but I truly loved these books. 

Moms on Call- If you read any parenting blogs, chances are you have heard of the Moms on Call. These ladies are retired nurses and moms and have lots of good advice on scheduling and sleep training. We found their book and online seminar very helpful. Moms on Call for the win!

From the Hips- Easily my most favorite book to read while I was pregnant! I am not a fan of "fluff". Give it to me how it is and don't sugar coat it. I found a lot of pregnancy books to beat around the bush and never really get to the "down and dirty" of pregnancy, labor & delivery and everything else related. I appreciated this book for its raw honesty, humor and real quotes from "anonymoms" about their experiences. This book is great! 

The Happiest Baby on the Block- This was recommended to me by several friends and family members and there are tons of good nuggets in here. Mark could recite the 5 S's forwards and backwards and upside down. And let me tell you- THEY WORK. 

*All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not endorsed by any of the companies and their products mentioned. 

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  1. I am definitely going to bookmark this post to use when we register for baby stuff! I love hearing about products that new moms swear by!