Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little Will- Eleven Months

As of May 9, Little Will is ELEVEN MONTHS OLD! His first birthday is right around the corner and I want to soak in every moment and detail as we finish up this first wonderful year.

When I was pregnant, women around my mom's age would stop me while I was out and about and tell me to enjoy my pregnancy. They would say that their "babies" were in college already, or about to be married, and that the time really is a strange thing. I would nod my head and smile and go along my merry way. BUT...NOW I GET IT. 

Will changes so much every month, but this past month especially he is discovering so much about the world around him. His personality grows more each day and I love watching him explore. He crawls around so fast and wants to see everything. He especially loves eating, playing, listening to Hakuna Matata and reading The Little Blue Truck. He smiles ALL the time and his nose has the cutest scrunch. It's his signature face.

He also still loves his sunglasses and his bunny ears. His ears became a permanent fixture throughout the entire month of April. Bunny ears and blowing bubbles through Target...it's a way of life for this kid.

Will is now playing peek a boo by himself. He puts his hand up on the side of his head and cocks it to the side. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. My grandma also taught him how to clap last month and he is so proud of himself. His little mouth opens up so big as he brings his hands together for giant claps. There are just so many new tricks!

April was wonderful, but also a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. In mid- April, my grandpa passed away peacefully. He had been sick for awhile, and Will was always the one who could put a big smile on his face. Those two had a special bond, and I will never forget the time they were able to spend together. 

Will's social calendar is always full. This kid has the life. We had so many rainy days this Spring, it was nice to have our activities to look forward to. On Mondays, we love going to the library with our friends for story time. On Thursdays, we go to Musikgarten with Miss Annette. We just love it all. 

Easter was so much fun! We started off our celebrations with an Easter egg hunt and brunch with our sweet play group friends. I love all of these girls and their babies and am so thankful to have them in our lives. 

Easter weekend was beautiful and playing the Easter Bunny was everything I hoped it would be. Our little bunny loved his goodies. 

The last half of April and so far in May, the weather here has been amazing. I've gotten back into a good running groove and Will loves strolling as I get my miles in. He loves to be outside!

Our full of fun days almost always lead to two good naps for this little guy. I will never get tired of sleeping baby pictures. 

We celebrated Mark's birthday, which happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo, with a little fiesta! I love this family of mine and birthdays are so much better with babies! 

We are looking forward to month 12, and celebrating our little man when he turns ONE. Time is flying, but each day is seriously better than the last. 

Happy 11 months, little one!

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  1. Oh Will. You're just a dolly baby!!! Happy 11 months! Cannot believe our "baby" in the group is almost 1!!!!