Sunday, October 19, 2014

#TeamLovie26: Weeks Six, Seven + Eight

Race day is officially TWO WEEKS away- I can't believe it! Every time I head out for a run, I am literally in awe of what our bodies can do. Thinking back to where I was just a few months ago to where I am now blows my mind. Each week, I am running more miles than ever before and breaking my own personal records, which is definitely something to be proud of. Mark said it perfect when he said that with each Saturday run, we are pushing ourselves more than we ever have. I will be happy when I can mix in some more variety into my workouts instead of only running, but for now, it's about getting my miles in and preparing for 13.1 on race day. 

Week six was AWESOME. My weekday runs felt solid and I ended the week with a nine mile run that felt wonderful. I was dreading the nine miles but once I was three miles in, I hit a true running high. My sister and I ran together, which always helps with longer distances. The weather was perfect and kept a steady pace. I'm finding that some of my cramping was due to starting out too fast. By keeping a slower pace at the beginning, it's easier to maintain for the remaining miles and just feels better. We finished in 1:43:33 and kept a 10:53 pace. This was the first run where I felt like I could keep going another 3-4 miles, which would have made it 13.1!

3 miles (3.22 miles, 9:54)Rest3 miles (3.28 miles, 9:38Rest3 miles (4.00 miles, 9:38)Rest4 miles (3.26 miles, 9:36)13.76
3 miles (3.23 miles, 9:57)Rest4 miles (4.17 miles, 9:49)Rest3 miles (3.11 miles, 9:08)5 miles (5.02 miles, 9:04)Rest15.53
3 miles (rest-sick day)3. 12 miles (9:34)4 miles (5.27 miles, 9:35)Rest3 miles (3.26 miles, 9:28)6 miles (6.26 miles, 9:48)Rest17.91
3 miles (3.29 miles, 9:32)Rest5 miles (5.15 miles, 9:41)3 miles (3.07 miles, 9:46)Rest7 miles (7.15 miles, 10:00)Rest18.66
3 miles (3.25 miles, 9:20)Rest5 miles (5.24 miles, 9:35)Rest3 miles (3.10 miles, 9:24)8 miles (8.18 miles, 9:53)19.77
4 miles (4.01 miles, 10:00)Rest5 miles (5.03 miles, 10:08)4 miles (4.07 miles, 10:29)Rest9 miles (9.24 miles, 10:53)Rest22.35
4 miles (4.14 miles, 9:59)Rest6 miles (6.08 miles, 9:47)4 miles (4.09 miles, 9:49)RestRest10 miles (10.91 miles, 10:18)25.22
RestRest5 miles (5 miles, 9:13)4 miles (4.16 miles, 9:31)Rest8 miles (8.39 miles, 10:14)Rest17.55

Week seven was good overall. I kept under a ten minute pace on all of my weekday runs, which I was happy with. During this week, I also completed my longest weekday run (six miles). I was SUPER nervous for my ten mile run that weekend- something about the double digits really had my stomach in knots. When I walked out the door on Sunday to run, I hit the pavement with the mindset of "five miles out and five miles back". Breaking it up into two smaller runs makes it less daunting. It started to sprinkle about three miles in and by the time I reached six miles, it was POURING. I got soaked, and the rain slowed me down a tad, but my run was so good. I ended up running 10.91 because I miscalculated my route but during the last .91 miles, I was flying! It was a definite reassurance for me and a great feeling once I finished. And I loved running in the rain!

Week eight, this past week, didn't feel as good, but my runs were solid. I ended up resting on Monday since I ran ten on Sunday, making it the only run I have missed in my entire training schedule up to this point. The long runs started to taper off this week, which is a nice change of pace. My eight mile run yesterday was rough, but I made it. I was happy with my 10:14 pace and was happy to have that run behind me. 

This week is my last full week of running before the race! Next week is only a few short runs, a two mile walk and an airport pickup somewhere in between to scoop up our California family!!! 

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