Monday, March 2, 2015

What We Ate

My food photos aren't always beautiful, but our meals are always fresh and tasty. All of our meals don't always make it to the blog in their own post, but we've had some great dinners that are worth sharing. Hopefully this will give you some ideas as you plan your meals as well. 

I've been trying a lot of new recipes over the past couple of weeks, many of which have been fantastic! I made it a goal at the beginning of 2015 to do less recipe searching online and more in the pages of my cookbooks. I have so many beautiful cookbooks that I forget about because it's so easy to search my most recent pins or saved blog posts from my weekly reads around the web. 

Baked Wings, Crash Hot Potatoes and Ina Garten's Winter Slaw (from her newest cookbook- a new favorite on my shelf!)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Niman Ranch Burgers, Mashed Avocado with Lime + Fresh Salsa for dipping. most favorite weekly splurge meal. I start with my Neapolitan Pizza Dough recipe and like to get creative with our toppings. This pizza is topped with roasted garlic, prosciutto, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, kalamata olives and mozzarella. 

Salt + Vinegar Roasted Chicken, Sauteed Broccoli Rabe and White Bean Salad with Crispy Pancetta that I could basically eat every day for the rest of my life. SO GOOD. 

Valentine's Day 2015 was spent at home and that's just how we wanted it. We grabbed steaks from the butcher at Block + Grinder and they were incredible. I served them with Mushroom Risotto and Roasted Asparagus. 

Chicken Picatta (my favorite way to cook chicken breast), Sauteed Chard + Another round of Crash Hot Potatoes 

Spicy Eggplant and Sausage Zucchini Pasta, from Inspiralized. This meal was beyond delicious. My spiralizer is my favorite piece of kitchen equipment right now and I can't seem to get enough. If you have a spiralizer, Inspiralized is one of my favorite resources for recipes and healthy eating in general. I just got her new cookbook in the mail last week and I can't wait to continue in my spiralizing adventures. 

I hope you all are making something delicious this week! 


  1. Yay so glad you checked out Block and Grinder.

  2. So many of these look wonderful!! Saving a bunch of these ideas! Also, we've never used the butcher at Block and Grinder, but it's one of favorite spots to dine on a nice night out!