Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jamaican Holiday

Mark and I spent five glorious days on the island of Jamaica at the end of May. It was a much needed relaxing vacation for the two of us and was a little 30th birthday celebration that Mark planned for me back in March. 

The island was just beautiful and we could have asked for a more perfect getaway. Jamaica is a quick 3 hour flight from Charlotte, making it easy to travel to and from. Since we were gone for only 4 nights, this was key in planning our trip. We stayed at the Wild Orchid on Montego Bay and it was beautiful! We would definitely recommend this resort to anyone planning a Jamaican vacation or quick Caribbean getaway. 

We started each morning at the World Cafe with the most delicious breakfast spread. The custom omelette station was our favorite! After breakfast, we would park ourselves at the pool or the beach from about 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon when the storms would roll in- perfect napping conditions. Our resort had eight delicious restaurants to choose from when it came time for dinner. The food was great and each restaurant offered a different cuisine. 

On our first night, I had this Ackee and Salt Fish, which is the Jamaican national dish. The yellow portion of the plate is the Ackee and Salt Fish. Ackee is a fruit and cooked, it almost had the consistency of scrambled eggs. The salt fist was a salt cured cod. Going counter clockwise on the plate; greens, yams and a dough dumpling. It was definitely the most interesting thing I've ever eaten and differently delicious. 

My favorite bite on the resort though came from the Jamaican jerk chicken cart! Upon arrival at the airport, when asked where we were staying, several island natives told us that we had to eat the jerk chicken. By the time we got to our resort we had heard about this chicken no less than a dozen times and we proceeded to enjoy it every day for lunch. It was beyond delicious! 

This coconut water fresh from a coconut was divine! I never want to buy regular coconut water again. If only I could grow a coconut tree in Charlotte. 

Apparently peacocks run wild in Jamaica and there were several roaming our resort. A few mornings we heard them on our balcony squacking- thank goodness we are typically early risers!

The sunrises and sunsets were just beautiful. The sky was full of such intense color!

Our time away was the perfect vacation for the two of us and we had the very best time! Peace and Love, Jamaica. You were good to us.
P.S. I put together a quick little keepsake album of all of our pictures as soon as we got home from our trip. A few of my more recent photo albums have come from Artifact Uprising and I absolutely love them! The quality is top notch and the printed photos are vivid and sharp. Their designs are simple and classic with minimal "fluff", which I love. And since all of our pictures were taken with our iPhones, I used their mobile app to make my book. It couldn't have been easier. Next time you make a photo book, check out this great company! (not sponsored, I just love them and had to share).

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