Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts + Bacon

If you've never caramelized brussels sprouts, do it and you'll never go back. These leafy green bite-sized veggies are on all the trendy menus right now and always a stellar side item. Pancetta and bacon are the perfect match to sprouts and that's just what I did here with this recipe. I started by cooking a few pieces of thick cut bacon, sauteing chopped shallots in the bacon grease and cooking the brussels sprouts low and slow until they were nice and golden- all in my cast iron skillet! We love, love, LOVED these sprouts and I think you will, too. 

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts + Bacon

6 slices thick cut bacon, cooked until crisp and chopped 
1 large shallot, chopped
1 lb. brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved

In a cast iron skillet or large saute pan, line bacon up to cook and turn burner on medium. Cook the bacon until it is nice and crispy, flipping halfway through. Set on a plate with a paper town to let the grease drip and set aside to cool. Do not remove the bacon grease from the pan. Once the bacon is cooled, give the sliced a rough chop. 

Depending on how much bacon grease you have, remove a little (I ended up dumping about a tablespoon because I had a ton). On medium- high, saute the shallots until translucent, about 5 minutes. Add brussels sprouts and turn burner down to medium. Cook sprouts until they are nicely caramelized and golden, about 20 minutes. When they are done, season with salt and pepper and toss with chopped bacon.

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