Monday, July 11, 2016

Kate: 8 Months Old!

This little sweet pea is eight months old! Only 4 more stickers left for our monthly photos...seriously!? It's been the best month and little Kate just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Everything she does is so cute and tiny, just like her!

I hopped on the scale with her and she is around 15 pounds. We are on our last box (I think) of size 1 diapers and she's wearing mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothes and some 6-12, too! She's sleeping so well, too! She takes two good naps a day and is sleeping 11-12 hours a night. Her napping was touch and go there for awhile but magically around 6-7 months, she figured out that napping is fun. We are all feeling human again. Ha!

Shortly after I finished her 7 month post, she started sitting up on her own! It took awhile for her to get there but once she did she was golden. I feel like she skipped the sitting still phase because as soon as she started sitting up, she figured out how to get back down on her belly and do this crazy break dancing like scoot to get to something that she wants. I have never seen anything like it! She rolls all over the place! 

Kate is still a little foodie in training. We've tried so many new foods and flavors and she loves it all. I've started putting different herbs and spices in her purees to mix it up a bit. I ordered the Kidsme silicone feeder and it is by far the best food feeder we've tried! It's easy for her to grasp and the silicone is so easy to clean. With all of the fresh produce in season there are so many good things for her to eat! 

We have been spending tons of time outside and at the pool. Our neighbors have the most beautiful pool and we joke that it is our vacation home. We spend many mornings and afternoons out there and Kate just LOVES the water! She may be swimming like a pro before her big brother at the rate she is going!

Kate's best little gal pals are Nora and Hazel. Look at these three!? I think that all baby playdates should include matching monogrammed rompers. I'm so thankful that these girls get to grow up together! 

Kate laughs at Will all day, every day. It's the cutest thing to watch their relationship develop. She usually wakes up before he does so she gets to go in with us and get him in the morning. Walking down the hallway to his room she literally turns inside out with excitement. She laughs and kicks her legs until we open the door. It's so sweet! 

Kate's tiny button nose still scrunches up when she smiles and she's recently started shaking her head back and forth- she totally knows that it makes us laugh! She's finding her voice more and more each day and started saying "da-da" a few weeks ago. Whether she is just experimenting with her sounds or really referring to Mark...he is claiming it as her first word. 

We are having so much fun with this little one and we love her more than ever. She is the most perfect, happiest little girl and we just can't get enough! 

Happy 8 months, Princess Kate! We love you!


  1. time flies! I can't believe how fast they've have such a beautiful, precious family!

  2. Stop it with your stunning family.

  3. We love you Kate!! Hazel is a lucky girl to have you as a friend!

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