Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Spiced Coffee

How come the very first sip of coffee in the morning always tastes better than the rest!? I have yet to figure it out but when I do, I will let you all know. Some people say coffee is an addiction, but I like to refer to it as a habit. I enjoy my morning cups and look forward to them before my head hits the pillow each night. I'm probably addicted to the caffeine but I truly love the taste, smell and routine of drinking it when I wake up. It tastes even better when I wake up before everyone else and have a few moments of quiet to myself. 

This is hardly a recipe, but it's too good of a coffee tip not to share. Mark and I have been enjoying our morning cup(s) like this for a long time now and we LOVE it. We like our coffee strong around here and rarely, if ever, buy flavored beans. BUT, we have found that sprinkling a little pumpkin pie spice, or even cinnamon, gives the coffee just enough flavor without being overbearing.Just a few shakes and your morning just got a little more festive. A little goes a long way, but if you want it stronger, just keep shaking that spice jar! I keep an extra jar of pumpkin pie spice on the shelf with our coffee mugs for easy access. 

Additionally, our very favorite coffee is still Cafe Bustelo. We have tried everything on the coffee shelf from expensive to super cheap, and Bustelo still wins, time after time. It's bold, smooth and not bitter at all. AND is right at $5 for a can! You cannot beat it. Our other top grocery store brands are Lavazza and Peets! 

Enjoy your morning with a little extra spice! 


  1. Hey! I am going to have to try that brand...I'm always looking for new coffee to try! Hope you and your sweet family are doing well!

  2. This is cool and decent job. I just landed on your beautiful and delicious food-world. I am a coffee fan and always love to keep me on hunt to grab the new ideas for bringing the variation in my coffee taste though I am habituated to cold brew coffee. I read thoroughly your spiced coffee details and pleased to find it beneficial.