Friday, May 15, 2009

Dean & De-Lightful!

As mentioned in my last post, this week has been a bit scattered which has not left much time for the peace and love in my life. Alas, if life is always rainbows and butterflies, you don't appreciate it as much either. I always say that God never gives you anything more than you can handle at once! With that being said, as I am handling a bit more work than is usually the case, my Friday has been brightened thanks to Omni Hotels and their kind visit, I am finding myself biting into the most delicious sandwich creation from Dean & Deluca. I know that the sandwich is one of the most basic food creations that we as humans enjoy however, I have come to the recent realization that the sandwich is often under appreciated as I believe it to have the potential to take on the role as a culinary masterpiece!

I would put sandwiches in the category of what I call "interactive foods", or foods that you can personalize and build and really create something special with your own personal twist. I adore a well built sandwich and when I eat one, I want something healthy, creative and bursting with flavor. If I am going to compile some tastiness in between two pieces of bread, I want it to be exceptional. My dad always says, "you don't just make a sandwich". Dean and Deluca did not fail to deliver in their creation that I enjoyed for my lunch today. As I bit into my lunchtime sustenance, I found smoked turkey piled just high enough, leaf lettuce and perfectly red beefsteak tomatoes sliced just right. Also accompanying the turkey and its counterparts were fresh pieces of creamy brie cheese which added the perfect creamy consistency and bold flavor, yet not so overpowering as to hide the ingredient that created the whole essence of the sandwich; apricot mustard. Never in my life have I heard of such a thing and I just might have to go out and find some to keep in my kitchen because the slight sweetness that was glazed on each side of sourdough bread was nothing short of exquisite! All of these ingredients sandwiched between two pieces of freshly baked sourdough bread with a flawless crust.
(May I also note that Dean & Deluca has, by far, the best presentation of a boxed lunch that I have ever seen. The sandwich was paired with fresh fruit, pasta salad and Dean & Deluca's famous dessert bars. The nice finishing touch? Miniature salt and pepper shakers for your convenience!)

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