Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peace Love & Mountaineers!

Ciao Amicis!

Let me first apologize for my lack of blogging as stress has entered my cube and I have had little time to devote to my new project. While I have been gone though, I have not ceased to enjoy some tasty delights and fun travels! The middle Nido girl is now the second to leave Boone with a college degree from our beloved Appalachian State University! I think it was a reality check to watch Andi walk across the stage and realize I am actually an adult now and did that two years ago! Because Andi and I were lucky enough to spend two whole years in Boone together, I decided to take a little trip up the mountain last week for some fun. Being up there made me miss the mountain air so much! Although I am biased as Boone is where I spent 4 wonderful years as a Mountaineer, I think its a place where you can remove yourself from everyday life and enjoy time to relax with some spontaneous adventure! While there, I ate two of my most favorite meals ever that I grew to love during my 4 years at ASU.

I may be health nut, but every now and then I just may surprise everyone by eating something that is not on the typical Nina pallette. Like every normal person, I am a huge fan of comfort food and a little something that sticks to one's ribs never hurt anyone, right? Upon my arrival Thursday night, we enjoyed Woodlands BBQ in Blowing Rock with our dear friends the Geis brothers (boys...you now CANNOT make fun of my blog because you have received a special shout out). This meal reminds me of my days long before college when all 5 Nidos would hop in the minivan for weekend fall getaways in Boone and Blowing Rock. This was our first true love for Southern food. I enjoyed my usual Pulled Pork BBQ Plate with Cole slaw, green beans, fried okra and hush puppies. Such a treat!
The next favorite meal? Melanie's! If I could recommend one place for anyone to try in Boone it would be this little gem. Tucked away on King Street. This food is straight from breakfast heaven and I have yet to find a better breakfast to start the day! Not only is everything fresh, but it's all organic, too! Andi and I enjoyed the omelette special. 3 eggs whipped to perfection with zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, garlic and provolone, seasoned roasted potatoes and homemade english muffins with apple butter so sweet you can eat it with a spoon for dessert! Not to mention the perfect blend of coffee from Boone's own local Espresso news. And after walking around Boone on a beautiful day, the perfect little pick me up...White Chocolate Mousse frozen yogurt swirled with Raspberry Sherbet from TCBY...in a waffle cone with sprinkles none the less!
On Sunday in celebration of Andi's gradution, all of the Nidos plus my sweet Grandma Appicelli and my wonderful Auntie Annie & Uncle Denis (Uncle...you, too should re-think this whole blogging thing as you also received a special recognition on the land of Peace Love & Food!) who flew in from Michigan (plus some favorite Boone girls) enjoyed a beautiful graduation/Mother's Day brunch at the Broyhill Inn. This was truly a feast and so much to eat! The brunch bufffet spread had everything from Crepes with fruit, caprese salad & quinoa (look it up this is a whole grain that also has TONS of protein) to beef tenderloin, smoked salmon and my personal favorite, creme brulee. Congratulations, Andi!

(note about the picture above: Andi swears her arm looks like an ostrich and told me to take it off but because I love her and beause I think she is beautiful no matter how much taller she is than anyone I know, I am keeping this gorgeous picture posted!)
Now, I know that this has nothing to do with food, but I came across this little "monthly mantra" in my June issue of Shape and I think it's worth thinking about. After spending a wonderful weekend with amazing friends and family, I find that I get extra lovie dovie and want to sprinkle a little love:

"I can choose to be happy- Enjoying your life isn't something that happens while you just sit there; it's the result of small decisions you make all day long. You can choose to add a favorite necklace to your outfit in the morning or to spend your evening with people who make you feel good. This month, remember that while a lot of what happens is beyond your control, your happiness is not. It's your choice, what's it going to be?"

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  1. I'm so happy you found this! I think we should make it our year's mantra! Its so fitting for our lives! :) peace love and muffins