Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pointy Ears, Penguins & Buttercream Snow!

My amazingly talented roommate has done it again and this time she has re-created the North Pole right before my very eyes. I have seen so many fondant creatures and items come to life in our little home but never in history of this cupcake creating have I seen anything so intricate and magical. Ashley entered these little culinary miracles in the Ultimate Cupcake Contest at the Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge last weekend. The miniature snowmen are so detailed and look at the precious penguins with snowballs in hand. Christmas trees with lights add sparkle and the giant cupcake is used as the center of the "cupcakescape". This Winter Wonderland would surely not be complete without the tiny elves! Look carefully and you will see one making a snow angel, one fallen in the snow on his skis and a little gem on his knees sliding down the snow in a saucer. Each sweet elf, much like a decadent risotto is made, was truly loved into existence! The pointed ears just leave me tickled!!

For more information on Ashley and her cupcakes, you can find her on Facebook! Group Name is "Custom Cupcakes by Ashley"

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