Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I cannot come up with a good explanation for this picture but right now, it is merely serving the purpose of expressing the ridiculous amount of giddy-ness that my sweet Mary Katherine and I shared yesterday when we met for Monday lunch. To say that Mary Katherine was glowing would be an understatement because as of Friday while atop a mountain while the snowflakes fell, Nick Baker pulled out a little surprise from his pocket and MK, of course, said YES!!! When I got "THE call" on Friday night, an extra sparkle in that cute little tone of hers told me that this was no "Hi, I love you phone call" but this was the phone call 7 years in the making! That unmistakable voice on the other line said "We're going to be engaged at the same time!!!" I could not be happier for her and selfishly I am ecstatic that we are sharing our pre-wedding time together (this means planning, organization, lots of post its and bridal boot camp sessions at our most favorite meeting spot- the gym!) I only wish our lunch conversation and expressions could have been recorded yesterday because it was absolutely priceless. We were like 10 year old girls squealing in the corner with smiles from ear to ear. Our concensus by the end of lunch? We would like to get engaged every day and relive the feeling and moment forever. This kind of happiness seems merely impossible...until it hits you in the face and you realize it's 100% real.

Are you two lovebirds interested in a Moore-Baker double wedding? Congratulations Mary Katherine and Nick!!!


  1. I don't know about you, but I could use MOORE BAKER in my life! Does that sound like something Nick would say? :)

  2. Aww congrats to your friend Mary Katherine. This posts makes me really miss my friends back in New Orleans :(