Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cupcakes Make Me Blush

I may be a health nut and I rarely stand up my daily date at the gym but I can never pass down a little something sweet to delight my taste buds and put a smile on my face. After all, there is always room for dessert. As I rung in the New Year with my cousins and some new friends met that night, I was lucky enough to meet Monika, the owner of the newest little bakery in Ballantyne that I have already fallen in love with. Let me preface this all by sharing how much I love cupcakes. People are always looking for creative ways to eat their food and in my opinion, the cupcake take the cake! Most cupcakes are portioned perfectly and satisfy the sweet tooth without making one feel as though they need to spend a little extra time with the treadmill. If they are done right, any given cupcake takes on a personality of its own and never fails the taste buds its about to please.

The Blushing Bakeshop, located in Ballantyne Village, is a little treasure chest of joy and treats of all flavors. Monika's cupcakes are exquisite and is guaranteed to have a flavor fit for any sweet tooth. Last week, I indulged in the Kimberly; a lemon cupcake filled with lemon curd and topped with toasted meringue. Refreshingly decadent, this cupcake was perfection. The lemon cake was smiling with a beautiful hint of citrus and the curd in the middle was a sweet surprise! Frosting, in my opinion, can make or break a dessert and I say with confidence that this frosting was nothing short of a puff of love atop one of the best tasting cakes I have ever had! Yesterday, I tried the Bonita; a blueberry cupcake topped with lemon buttercream. The words could not come out of my mouth as I ate this delightful creation. My fellow sweet toothed sources tell me that the Savannah (red velvet), Erin (vanilla with raspberry buttercream and Bella Lucia (vanilla cake filled with nutella and topped with stracciatella buttercream) are nothing short of cupcake utopia.

Become a fan of the Blushing Bakeshop on Facebook and daily clues will send you home with a free featured flavor cupcake of the day! You can also check out their daily menus here.

The little cupcake masterpieces below are some of the decorative creations that come out of Monika's bakery kitchen and I am beyond impressed. The delicate flowers are so precious and her inspiration comes from everyday finds, fashion and things we all love!

I love to write and am constantly thinking of creative ways to express the love of the foods I enjoy so much but these cupcakes leave me speechless. Sometimes the words just don't do it justice. Now would be a perfect time to hop on over to The Blushing Bakeshop and become as addicted as I have!

All photos via {here}

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