Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amen, is it really 2010?!'s official! The youngest Nido girl has carried on the sisterly trend and has waved goodbye to Providence High and hello to Appalachian State! (how convenient and closet friendly that we all did not have to get rid of our black and gold high school apparel to trade in for new school colors...we're black and gold FOR LIFE) I remember when Nat was in elementary school and 2010 seemed light years away. We must be having fun because these years seem to go by more quickly the older that we get.

We celebrated the graduate all weekend long with family, friends and in true Nido fashion, hosted a a graduation party that should have been featured on The Food Network! (I will be dedicating an entire post...or the outstanding menu created by none other than my dear Godmother, Angela!)

Congratulations, little one!

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