Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Saturday afternoon, my beautiful maids of honor (my sisters...aka the best girls EVER) gathered the bridal party troops (we even had a magical guest appearance from the one and only MOD) and hosted a delightful afternoon bridal shower for yours truly! I am collecting pictures and working on a nice little recap but I could not wait any longer to post a little picture of a VERY special surprise from my dear friend and roommate, Ashley! She knows me all too well and I think this is the most perfect gift for any bride to be! I have a soft spot for personalized gifts and with a new last name on the horizon, I think all brides like to get a little sneek peak at their new last name. When I opened this up, my eyes got a little misty. I told my sweet friend Crystal I needed a focal point in order to blog about this unique gift. She said I didn't need one and to just simply share how enchanted I was with it considering I wouldn't stop carrying it around for the rest of the afternoon! Ashley- you are a gift giving genius! Such a special gift from a special friend. Love you, Ash!

I have seen this creative gift on a few of my favorite blogs and recently featured in the new Summer 2010 Issue of Martha Stewart Weddings! LilaFrances can be found on Etsy, via {here}. You can also find LilaFrances on Facebook and become a fan. And another reason to scoot on over and surprise your favorite Bride- 10% of the proceeds for these handcrafted beauties goes to Ovarian Cancer Research, in honor of the artist's mother.

Images via {here}

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  1. This is hilarious because I got one of those for my friends little baby when she was born! I love them :)