Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wonder Twins, Activate

Almost two years ago, Mark and I exchanged glances across our treadmills and never looked back. As someone who takes pride in a healthy lifestyle, I always said the most perfect spot for me to meet "prince charming" would be at the gym. Voila! My dreams came true. With that being said, it should not be surprising that one month into our marriage, we are already on a workout kick and best of all, we can do it together! Although our diet is balanced and our dinners are always made of fresh ingredients, dessert is good for the soul and who can argue with that? We do limit our sweet indulgences but when you live an active lifestyle and work hard, a rare treat for the sweet tooth will not kill you. There is no such thing as a diet- it's a lifestyle. Remember: Everything in moderation.

I started running and really working out in college, and stepped up the pace even more during my junior year, shortly after my dad found himself in the hospital having bypass surgery. It's amazing what a wake up call something like that can do but my lifestyle and workout regimen drastically changed after that. I started to really carefully look at what I was putting in my body, learned how to make smarter eating choices and even signed up for some local 3ks and 5ks to keep me motivated. The results were astounding and without a doubt, changed my life. Not only did I look healthier on the outside, but my self confidence improved and the satisfaction knowing that I made healthy changes for me and did this on my own was the most rewarding of all. With a little self discipline I have been able to remain consistent 8 years later and I have never felt better.

Several weeks before our wedding, Mark found a hidden gem here in Illinois that really isn't hidden anymore. Part of it was a little pre-wedding get fit challenge we had going along with his Best Man but Mark has been working out his entire life so this has always been important to him. He is, after all, and as he often reminds me, an NCAA Athlete! I had heard about this popular form of working out almost a year ago from my cousin and was intrigued immediately. I think I became curious when she told me they workout in a warehouse. What!? I started to keep up with her Crossfit group in Charlotte on Facebook and kept thinking how intense it looked. I knew Rita was dedicated but WOW! I had no idea. With workouts like CrossFit and P90X gaining more popularity, the fit people of America are all looking for new, creative and rewarding ways of working out. I love running and the fact that it can be done anywhere, but I have been ready for a little change in my workout routines. Thank you, CrossFit!

I am going to be honest, these workouts scared me to death and I was worried that my little body would never be able to throw around the weights with the big boys but it's been almost a month now and I am LOVING it! 4-5 days a week, Mark and I scoot over to Fit Bodies to get in our "WOD", workout of the day. Tom & Janelle are amazing coaches and have taught me so much already in such a short time. The workouts change every day and are always a surprise. Some days, we find ourselves wanting to walk right back out the door but once the workouts are complete, it's incredible how strong I feel and a great sense of accomplishment. I have never challenged my body as much as I have since I started doing Crossfit and even more than that, have never felt such a sense of accomplishment after a workout. The atmosphere in Tom & Janelle's gym is full of positive energy and everyone pushing one another to do their very best. I think Mark and I are known as the little newlyweds competing with each other but like I tell Mark every day, I'm just trying to finish strong! I think I beat him for time twice but let's also keep in mind that he is lifting insane amounts of I won't give myself too much credit but I will still remind him when necessary. The best part is that we can do this together, push each other and stay healthy & fit! It's just plain fun that way.

(so that we can come home and eat something healthy and delicious of course)


  1. just to read the descriptions of crossfit workouts scare me! so proud of you :)

  2. I am jealous of you and Mark working out together!!! You two are just adorable and I love love love you muffies!