Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dreamy DIY Project

I have been swooning over this DIY project ever since MOD sent it to me in a Valentine's Day e-mail. She knows me all too well and we decided not only did we did we have to each make our own, but they must be matching. I absolutely love this whimsical Anthropologie inspired look! Anything from Anthropologie makes my heart dance, twirl and beat abnormally and this wreath screams vintage deliciousness. Once I get an idea in my head, I obsess over it. So, after lusting over this wreath for approximately 72 hours until I finally had time to gather my supplies, I rushed to Michael's to pick up everything that I needed. Two weeks later, I have my very own (shown above) and I could not be happier with the end result. I finished this on Saturday but after a rainy, damp weekend, I decided our Spring wreath deserved a jovial day to make its grand appearance. We enjoyed its presence in our house for a few days but I have been dying to hang it up! Thankfully, the first day of March arrived today with sun and blue skies so I skipped outside and hung my DIY pride and joy. I think the branches of the grapevine wreath are perfect for this transitional time in the season and I just adore the ivory colored felt rosebuds. I found some smoky-sage green satin ribbon to top it off. Each rosebud is cut and rolled by hand and took a bit of time, but I just worked on it little by little until I was happy with my "cluster". I think I will be entering our house from the front door every day from now on!


  • 18" grapevine wreath
  • 8-10 sheets 9x12" felt (each sheet creates 4 rosettes, if you want more roses, buy more felt)
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • CD
  • pencil


1. Fold felt sheet in half, then in half again, creating 4 layers.
2. Trace the CD onto the felt with a pencil (the CD will not fit on the entire space, but that is okay and makes the edges of the each of the roses unique- like snowflakes!)
3. Cut out the traced circle (I recommend using sewing scissors. Good scissors will allow you to cut through all four layers)
4. Spiral cut each circle, either a few at a time or one at a time.
5. Start from the inside and roll along the cut that you made.
6. Secure the ends with glue.
7. Once the roses are made, carefully decide the placement of the roses on your wreath and glue them in.

For a great picture tutorial, check out Linley's directions here.

Special thanks to the lovely blog girls Linley and Taylor for their inspiration for this project!


  1. how lovie of you! i thought it was eggs when you text now I see its even better than i thought!!!! I MISS YOU LOTS I'm going to try to be better at blogging my love!

  2. i might try this, and I am so not creative :)
    Thanks nini! can't wait for our phone date!