Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moore March Madness

March is always one of my favorite months and the 2011 edition was filled with treats, lovies and extra happiness! Andi and Ozzie showed up at our doorstep, I spent a long weekend in D.C. with my very best friend and my parents got to enjoy a few days with the Newlyweds! Somewhere in between all of that, I went over the mid twenties hump and blew out 26 candles.

The month started out with a visit from Andi who spent her entire spring break with us! Besides treating her like a Queen during her week off of P.A. school, we spent a fantatsic Saturday in Chicago, got her hooked on this season's Americal Idol and ate our way through approximately 5 cartons of ice cream. God bless Mark for surviving an entire 10 days of the sistership. If only Nat could have escaped from Boone for a week retreat in the Midwest. The trio is not quite the same when it's not complete.

A week later, I hopped on a plane to the nation's capital to spend an extra long weekend with my soul sister, MOD!! The weekend was spent celebrating the engagement of Meghan and her Prince Charming, Scott and we also snuck in some wedding dress shopping and quality time together. It's another year of wedding love and I am so excited to be a part of this one!! My heart is so happy and full and when the same goes for dear friends, life is that much sweeter.

As soon as I got home from MOD & Scott's love nest, it was time to get our own love nest ready for my parents' visit. They arrived in the evening on my birthday- just in time to celebrate! We spent the entire weekend eating wonderful food, relaxing and enjoying being together. I have to admit, I was a tad nervous about cooking up some delicious meals for the two people that have had the most influence on my kitchen skills. I even told my dad at one point that cooking a meal for him was like a new Priest saying mass for the Pope! I must say though, MFN and SLN were impressed and even asked for seconds. Giada's Lamb Ragu with mint and Emeril's Basil Lemon sorbet both got RAVE reviews. I have also been lucky enough to enjoy the same birthday cake for the past 26 years! Angel Food with White Mountain frosting and sprinkles! It's a lovie birthday tradition and the famous Nido cake made its usual appearance. Thanks, Mom!! The older I get, I realize that my parents are still my parents, but have turned into the most wonderful friends. Bottom line- I have the coolest parents ever!

Another reason to celebrate in March- Mark and I have been married for 6 months...half of a year! I remember thinking on our wedding day that it really couldn't get much better but I am here to tell you that each day is better than the last. My heart is so full!

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  1. So hard to believe you are already 26! Already so much wiser than us 25 year old clacks ;)