Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I recently enjoyed a magical week in Charlotte, a fun-filled Bachelorette weekend in Charleston celebrating my dear friend Mary Katherine and have been trying out new recipes galore. I have so much to share and many things to blog but at seems as though I have become very distracted. Typically, after Mark and I enjoy a delicious dinner together, we settle in and relax for the rest of the night. This is usually the time I sit at my laptop and type up a little love to leave here on my blog but as of lately, my evenings have looked a little something like this.That's right. I taught myself how to crochet!! Back in January, one of my best friends and Charlotte roommate, Ashley, told me that she taught herself and that she was hooked! She told me I must learn immediately and that it would be something that I would love. Well, I kept putting it off but after a lovely dinner at Ashley's and laying my eyes on her painstaking project for myself, I couldn't get this off of my mind. I picked up a hook and some yarn last week and by Sunday evening, I was motoring away. It's amazing the tutorials you can find online (like the one I found yesterday on how to replicate J. Lo's flawless makeup and hair!!). With a little patience, a few YouTube videos and a little studying of some illustrations I found on the Crocheting for Dummies website, I think I found a new relaxing hobby. I started out with the Double Crochet stitch and so far, I'm loving the way this is turning out. I'll be back to my regular scheduled blogging as soon as I have the courage to put this project down...or just learn how to equally distribute my time!

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