Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Friday!

I just finished my work day and I am sitting here sipping on a Compari and Tonic. Our windows are open and Mark is providing entertaining commentary while watching The Masters. My pizza dough is rising and in a few hours we will be biting into our newfound homemade pizza favorite, roasted mushroom and arugula. We loved it so much, we decided an encore was necessary tonight! O even picke up the new Spring brew from Blue Moon. Pizza plus beer is Friday bliss in our house!

This week has been busy, busy and more busy for the both of us, and there really isn't nothing too new to report. Besides my new salmon adventure earlier in the week, we've kept it to staples and favorites on our dinner plates this week (marinated flank steak, chicken parmesean burgers and chicken piccatta...yum!) Amidst a week full of busy workdays, I did manage to enjoy my daily e-mails from my new "nephew", Jack!! The blonde Nido sister finally gave birth to her sweet baby boy and I could not be more thrilled. I can only imagine how I will be when I have my own children because every time I see a picture of Jack, the tears start rolling down my cheeks! Never have I been so emotional over the birth of a baby. I love him so much already and I cannot wait until I get to kiss those baby cheeks next week while I am in Charlotte!

The days of music videos are not close to what they used to back in 1998 when I would rush home to watch Total Request Live and I would record Britney Spears' videos on VHS and intently watch them, learning each and every dance move. My sisters and I discovered Sara Bareilles in the beginning and when Andi sent me this video, I was tickled. I'm pretty sure she just elevated herself to genius level. Happy weekend, everyone!!

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