Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Kitchen Loves for Friday

One. This mint basil soy candle is happily lit on my kitchen counter. The scent is light, slightly minty and kissed with basil.
Two. Amy tweeted a picture of this coffee months ago and if it weren't for the bright yellow, I would have never recognized it on the top shelf in the coffee aisle of my grocery store. In her words, it's like "a hug in a cup". I second that motion. Best. Coffee. Ever.
Three. It seems that mojitos and margaritas have become our official summertime drink, and my, has this little guy has come in handy! I have tried every juicer on the planet and this one seems to squeeze out every last bit.
Four. Looking for a new Aperitif to add to your happy hour resume? My dad introduced me to this during their visit last month and now I am madly in love. Sweet, smooth and slightly bitter, Cinzano Bianco is an Italian sweet vermouth that when served over ice, is sure to make you smile once it hits your lips.

Five. And since we are on the subject of happy hour, this is what happy hour looked like three weeks ago. I love these sisters of mine so much!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. 1. Where did that precious candle come from2. I love that coffee can... There must be a good DIY project that we can do with it. 3. That squeezed will come in handy on pancake Tuesday. 4. I have to tell you about my mums summer time apertif: Pernot. Just put a tiny bit of this anesie drink into the bottom of a glass, add a tblsp of sugar and top with water and a couple of ice cubes. I've started mums tradition on Sundays this Summer. Very French. 5. I do love me some nido sisters. X x x

  2. love this :) lists are the best!

    also, totally trying that coffee

  3. Mmm that candle sounds delish! And that coffee... I so need to try it. I saw it on someone else's blog the other day, it's a sign!

    Cute pictures of you and your sisters!