Friday, August 12, 2011

Half Baked Co.

In my world, there is always room for dessert. This is both a good and a bad thing. But when I can indulge without feeling guilty, it's a winning combination in my book!

A few months ago, a high school friend and I reconnected. I had no idea that Carolyn had been reading my little blog all the while I had spent internet surfing moments drooling over the cupcakes and sweet treats she was posting from her California based bakery on Facebook. Cupcakes, cake balls, cupcakes on a stick, cruffles (delicious cake truffles and some of the most darling cakes I have ever seen. It was after a trip to the kitchen to curb my sweet tooth that when I sat down to finish reading, I happily found out that everything was baked using healthy baking substitutes!

After many months of drooling every time I saw a post from Half Baked Co., a lovely little package appeared at my doorstep and I was able to sample the goods. I am big on presentation and packaging and my package from Half Baked was as sweet as can be. Wrapped in hot pink tissue, each treat was tucked in carefully and tied with a coordinating pink bow. Everything was just darling! Since the cupcakes only ship locally, my box was filled with tiny treats. All of them were absolutely decadent and delicious down to the last bite. These treats are not your average healthy, cardboard consistency type items pretending to take the place of dessert. They are the real deal and after they're happily in your belly, you only have half of the guilt!

I sampled the following Half Baked Co. creations:

Triple Chocolate marshmallow on a stick
Strawberry marshmallow on a stick
Death by Chocolate cupcake on a stick
Pink Velvet cupcake on a stick
Thin Mint Oreo pop
Peanut Butter Oreo pop
Chocolate Cherry Cruffle (my absolute FAVORITE!! I'm still thinking about it)

To read more about Half Baked Co., visit their website at, or by clicking the image on my right hand side bar. Better yet, treat yourself and just order some goodies, and tell Carolynn that I sent you. Don't forget to include a Chocolate Cherry Cruffle in your order. Better yet, order several, because one won't be enough.

Half Baked really is twice as good! Happy Weekend to all!


  1. So what and where will they ship? Just select things, is what I'm gathering. Is everything "healthy"?

  2. Hi Sophie! We ship everywhere and yep, everything is healthy ;) Check out all our shippable products @