Monday, February 25, 2013

Doodle in Training

For the past five weeks, Wrigley has been in obedience training school and on Friday, we brought our Doodle home! Our house was quite quiet without the little monster romping around but we are happy to have our snuggly boy back where he belongs. There were many, many tears when we dropped him off at the end of January, but I can say now with confidence that this might be the best thing we will ever do for our dog. Not only did Wrigley get daily training sessions, several times a day, but Mark and I also had several sessions, at least an hour each so that we know what Wrigley was being taught and so that we can reinforce it in our own home. With a tiny baby only a few months from arriving, I now have more peace of mind knowing that our family dog will be well behaved and as loving as ever.

Welcome home, Wrigster!

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