Friday, February 22, 2013

Health + Fitness Friday: Hungry for Change

This week's installment of Health & Fitness Friday is an assignment...actually more like a plea. PLEASE WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY. Mark and I watched this on Netflix last month and it pretty much sums up our thoughts on the commercialized food industry in America and why we eat the way that we do. When it comes down to it, food marketers and the industry as a whole sends out tricky and deceptive messages. Diet sodas and low fat packaged foods- I'm looking at you. Artificial sweeteners are no bueno and "low fat" means higher in sugar and other additives. It's been years since I carefully counted and nit-picked every single calorie I ate throughout the day but the truth of the matter is, when you cut out the junk and eat clean, whole foods, it's not necessary. And guess what? It's nearly impossible to get a "perfect score" every single day. If you keep 85-90% of your day on the right track, it's okay to indulge every now and then. I have so many thoughts on this and could go on for days, but instead, I urge you all to do your research and pay attention to what you are putting in your bodies. Healthy habits for life can be achieved by anyone.

This documentary is filled with great content that is explained in a clear and concise way. If you have access to Netflix, I highly recommend watching Hungry for Change. Your 90 minutes will be well spent. Additionally, you can find the official Hungry for Change website HERE.

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Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


  1. Stopping by from Health and Fitness Fridays! I will check out that documentary for sure. Thanks for sharing!


  2. OKay...I will totally watch it this weekend. Ignorance is sometimes bliss, but to make a real change I know I need the cold hard facts. I will keep you posted my dear. Thanks for linking up and for all the information!!! xoxo

  3. The hubby & I watched this movie together! Now we are always reading the food lables:)

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