Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

It's Friday and I'm excited to finally link up with my very first Five on Friday post! I love reading through many of these each week and decided it was time that I join the fun. (Thank you for hosting April, Darci, Natasha and Christina!)

Here's what's on my mind this week.


As much as I love Fall and everything that comes with it, I'm a little sad that this Summer is coming to a close. Summer of 2013 will forever hold a special place in my heart since it was the summer that we brought our sweet baby Will into the world! We spent nine months in anticipation of this little lovie...getting our home and our hearts ready to meet this tiny person and this summer was ALL ABOUT HIM. I never want to forget the excitement we felt as we waited for our first baby. We love our little boy so much! As we transition into crisp weather and pumpkin flavored everything, we are looking forward as we continue making more memories with our little family!


Speaking of the little mister, I'm excited to report that he has been sleeping through the night consistently for two weeks now! Needless to say, everyone is smiling in the Moore house. 


You all know by now that I am a huge fan of healthy sides that are quick and easy for weeknight cooking. Skinny Taste wins again with this Skillet Mexican Zucchini! I made this last night and Mark and I both loved it. My friend Ashley suggested adding black beans- a great addition in my opinion! While the zucchini is still in season, make this! 


Our home renovation is FINALLY winding down. We have been under construction since April. April! If we have learned anything through this it's that these projects always, always take longer than anticipated. We are down to countertop and backsplash installation, and detail work like new crown moulding and painting cabinets. In our long quest to find the perfect slab of granite, we were recently introduced to quartz. If you have any experience with this material, or have it anywhere in your home, I would love to hear your thoughts! I love, love, love Carerra Marble but it is so impractical in a kitchen, especially in a kitchen where serious cooking takes place. Many of the quartz options provide the look of marble without the maintenance! I was going to go with a light, creamy granite, but the quartz is so tempting. A crisp white kitchen has always been my dream! I'm also on the hunt for the perfect grayish-taupe color to paint the island. 

{I cannot locate the original source of this photo}


If you are a do it yourself manicure person like me, a good top coat is a must. I used to swear by Essie Good to Go but I have found a new love. This Seche Vite is by far the best topcoat EVER. It goes on smooth, leaves a shiny finish and dries super fast. My nails stay for days. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone! 


  1. Love Skinny Taste, her recipes never disappoint, but hadn't seen this one. We love zucchini so I'm definitely going to have to make this. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

  2. That dish looks so yummy! And hoorah for the baby sleeping through the night! Makes life so much easier I would imagine! Yayyyy for everyone in the house!