Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Will- Three Months!

And, just like that, we have a THREE MONTH OLD! How is this possible. I know I say this every month, but the time is seriously flying by. I love Fall and the feeling of the Christmas season approaching, but I hope the time creeps by a bit slower this year because by the time December is here, Will will be a half of a year old. 

Will's third month was FULL of so much fun and some pretty big milestones. At around two and a half months, he started sleeping through the night! He has been consistent ever since and everyone in the Moore house is rested and happy. I cannot begin to express what a game changer this was. In addition to sleeping through the night, he is on a good little daily schedule. 

We thought the two month smiles were great, but the three month smiles are a whole different level. Little Will is just the happiest, smiliest baby! He still loves blowing those bubbles.

He has really started to recognize us and is smiling all the time. His head control is so good and he follows us across the room. It's crazy how much he changes on a day to day basis.

Along with the smiles, he's making so many sweet noises. At times he uses his entire little body to produce the tiniest noise. It's so funny to watch! He's especially talkative when he's laying on the changing table getting his diaper changed or putting his clothes on. I'm surprised he hasn't come close to wiggling off of the dresser yet!

This little boy is the BEST snuggler. He curls up his entire little body and he's in his happy place. 

Bath time might be my favorite time of day! I think little Will is learning to love it, too. (and he loves his hooded towel that I dried off with 28 years ago!)

At the end of August, my Godparents (who live in New York) surprised me with a visit to Charlotte to meet the little nugget. 

It was a wonderful visit and so special to share precious time with them. 

Will also finally got to meet my dear friend Crystal at the beginning of September. It was love at first sight. 

As always, we are loving this new normal and life as a little family. Will is such a little buddy!

William, you make our days so much brighter! Happy 3 months, little one!


  1. He is so sweet! Looks like he's starting to fill out more. I love his little tummy :)

  2. He is the sweetest! And you just radiate happiness. So excited for your sweet little family!