Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School/Back to Your Routine: Healthy Breakfast and Snack Prep!

I’m not quite sure where the summer went, but the kids are up bright and early, standing at the bus stop and the school buses are zooming by. Whether you have kids in school or not, the back to school season is always a great time of year to get back into a routine and add a little more organization to your life.

I’m not into freezer cooking, and rarely make batches of food ahead of time, but lately, I’m finding that having some healthy breakfast and snack options ready to go for the week is a great way to stay on track. It also saves time when my hungry little baby is trying to climb up into his high chair himself and is READY to eat!

As part of Cooking Light’s Bloggers’ Connection themed monthly linkup, I dug through my blog archives to pull out some of my favorite make ahead breakfast and snack staples. This month it’s Back to School/Back to Your Routine!

1. {Cinnamon Oatmeal Banana Breakfast Muffins} One of my most recent posts, these muffins make a wonderful breakfast or even a mid-afternoon snack. They are a great pre or post workout snack as well! Use the recipe as a base and add your favorite muffin mix-ins!

2. {Paleo Snack Bites} Oh, how we love these! I make a batch or two weekly to keep on hand for snacking. These are my ideal pre-morning run snack when I go early. I eat one or two about 15 minutes before I leave. They also cure a sweet craving after dinner if you are trying to avoid the ice cream carton in the freezer.

3. {Paleo Waffles} Recently, I quadrupled the pancake recipe and poured it in my waffle maker. In five minutes, I had four days worth of breakfast for the little guy! I cook them in the waffle maker on the highest setting. Once they are cool, I cut into individual waffles, separate each one with wax paper, and place in a giant freezer bag to freeze. When we’re ready to eat them, I pop them in the toaster and serve with fresh fruit!

4. {Chia Pudding} Easily my favorite breakfast right now. This is another one that I will triple, even quadruple, and have a few days worth of breakfasts made for the week! I mix up individual servings in mason jars and shake, shake, shake! Lately, I’m finding that 1 Tbsp. per ¼ cup liquid yields the best consistency. I just use unsweetened almond milk, chia seeds, lots of cinnamon and top with fresh berries right before eating. This is a filling and nutritious breakfast. Chia pudding is also a great afternoon snack!

5. {Pumpkin Spice Granola} As sad as I am about the dwindling Summer days, I am excited that the pumpkin season is upon us! Although a bit time consuming, this pumpkin spice granola is worth every minute of prep work! Perfect for breakfast sprinkled on top of Greek yogurt, or a handful to hold you over until dinnertime.

6. {Hummus} The ultimate snack food! A big batch will last us a week or so in the fridge. I keep vegetable dippers on hand for snacking or enjoy some spread on Ezekial bread for a simple lunch. Lemon + Dill White Bean and Roasted Beet are our favorites.

For more healthy snacking ideas, check out this post from 2012.

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