Thursday, June 30, 2016

Will is Three!

Will turned THREE on June 9 and we have been celebrating ever since! He is totally into birthdays now, making the day extra special. Several days before the big day he woke up asking if it was his birthday yet- he was so excited! 

I cannot believe that little Will is 3. Two is still so little but're like a full blown KID. It seems like such a grown up age and he really has grown up so much in the past year. He is seriously so much fun and our best little friend. Conversations are hilarious and I want to write down all of the funny things that he is saying. I feel like his vocabulary multiplies daily! 

Will continues to be obsessed with ALL THE ANIMAL THINGS. He especially loves farm animals and he hums Old McDonald practically in his sleep! His animal collection is a little out of control and seems to grow by the week. He is also a big fan of Paw Patrol! His faithful sidekick still remains as (Curious) George and Real Lovie (his blue monkey lovie).

Will's energy is insane and he is just the happiest boy. He's starting to have his own sense of humor and loves to watch us respond to his crazy self. He is nonstop fun. He loves to run around the yard with Wrigley and could literally go for HOURS. He still loves his golf clubs, his soccer ball and his new bat and tee that he got for his birthday. Mark is already doing his job in raising Will as a little athlete! 

From the time Will was a teeny babe, we read so much to him and to this day reading is one of his favorite activities. We read a dozen books a day, and then some. His favorites rotate, but these days he's into his Thomas books and The Cow Loves Cookies. Surprise surprise. The Pout Pout Fish is a current fave and Little Blue Truck is an oldie that we always go back to. 

The biggest event in Will's third year was definitely the arrival of his baby sister! Maybe I had low expectations but Will's transition from being an only child was really so much easier than I expected. He loves little Kate so much and it's funny to imagine what he was like without her. Watching him grow as a big brother has been the best thing and each day is sweeter as we watch their relationship develop. I'm so proud of him and the way that he loves her. 

I could go on and on about my miniature mister. There is just so much to love.

His sweet soul and happy ways make our world shine bright. He is the best little boy ever and we love him so very much. 

Happy third birthday, little Will! We love you! 

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