Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Faves

We went to the pumpkin patch two weeks ago. We saw the animals, played on the giant tractors and ran around with friends. I took no less than 100 pictures and when it was all said and done, out of allllll of the photos, these from our front porch are still my favorite. I think it captures their love for each other in all of the best ways. 

We didn't have to go to the pumpkin patch to get the perfect Fall photo but man, it was fun. I love Fall with these little ones.

These brownies are calling my name. 
Bonus points for pumpkin and double bonus for being paleo.

This All Meat and Veggie Chili was nothing short of delicious! 
Definitely going to be making it again soon.

If you don't get Cooking Light, I HIGHLY recommend picking up their Thanksgiving issue! I looked through it last night and it's so good- tons of great recipes for the upcoming holidays.

Another chili in my recipe que that I need to try! This time, white chicken!

When the weather cools down, I really get into drinking tea at night. 
Excited to try these detox concoctions!

Not food related, but totally necessary for busy mom life on those days you just want to throw a hat on. CLT for life

Lastly, how CUTE are these Halloween tees!? Too later to order now but you better believe I'm getting one for next year. 

Wishing you all a great weekend!!

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