Friday, June 5, 2009

Cousin love

Peace, Love & Good Food is still a baby blog but I am trying to nurture it day by day and my list of followers is slowly growing. On Tuesday, my lovely cousin Meg sent me an email that I just have to share. I know that my readers have been leaving sweet comments on my blog but this was my first real "feedback" that I have gotten and I was so excited to know that I was an inspiration to her palate! I think Meg loves food (and shopping Anthropologie sales!!) as much as I do and we often email back and forth during the week sharing recipes and flavorful finds. Back in January, Meg and Jim cooked us a wonderful Indian feast which I am hoping she will agree to guest blog about soon. (Yes, Meg, I am serious)

My love note from Meg:
I made myself a yummy turkey sandwich for lunch today and the inspiration came from your blog! It was the Dean and Deluca sandwich with a little twist. I added spinach and mixed fig preserve and spicy brown mustard coz I didn’t have apricot mustard.
I am going to try the Greek Country Salad tonight/tomorrow.

Oh and I also made a delicious spinach salad- Spinach with chopped figs, chunks of feta cheese, black grapes and sliced fennel with balsamic…inspiration – Illios Noche!

The truth is it takes time and planning to eat healthy and the last thing I want to do is spend 2 hours in the kitchen for dinner every night. So making quick healthy meals is fantastic. I don’t think believe in complicated methods to bring flavors out.

Lastly, a little loving shoutout to my wonderful cousins!!! (Andi...sorry you were stuck on the mountain when this picture was taken)

Happy Friday! Ciao!

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