Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Cup of Cappucino for Pep in My Step

Why is it that I always feel like after lunch I start to drag? This is the time of the day I should have some pep because my day is finally "well seasoned" but being a young woman in corporate America, I find it's this time of day that I wish I took more advantage of nap taking while a child. And today is Tuesday. There is really nothing that is ever really exceptional about Tuesdays. It might actually be the only day that I don't really associate with anything. Mondays are fresh; like summer strawberries. Wednesday is the middle...kind of like the filling in an oreo cookie, or the ice cream in the middle of the chocolate outside of an ice cream sandwich. Thursdays the week starts winding down and the feelings that come with a Friday is like easting dessert. But Tuesday? It's just there.

I just finished my homemade lunch and in my constant quest to be healthy, I have been pushing tea time back to 1:00pm instead of 3:00pm and topping off my lunches with a big cup of pomegranate green tea and a small piece of dark chocolate- both which contribute to good health and loads of antioxidants. Today, however, I needed an extra boost to get me through the rest of the day. Thankfully, the little cafe downstairs is a nice "go to" place when I don't feel like getting into the Escape to travel to Starbucks or Dilworth Coffee. Even though our building cafe has convenience, the quality of the coffee is not always up to par. I was desperate for something though, so I ventured down and asked for a cappucino in the biggest cup possible- my exact words to the Barista. Did I fail to mention that I drank my coffee this morning in my usual 17 oz. Starbucks Christmas mug from Sophie in addition to my 16 oz. travel mug that I bring to work. Now, adding this new beverage to my daily total, I don't know if I want to know how much caffeine I have consumed today, but what I do know is that this cappucino is quite possibly as close to perfection as a cappucino can get. The foam is just the right consistency and the espresso is not the least bit bitter or watery, but the rich and impeccable flavor that goes down smooth and leaves a coffee addict satisfied.

I feel that it is only appropriate, as I sit in my cube sipping on this, that I turn on my Frank Sinatra Pandora station and listen to him and all of his friends (Michael Buble, Tony Bennett, Harry Connick Jr., Nat King Cole, Dean Martin...) sing to me as I get ready to crank through the rest of my workday.



  1. Pandora is the best to listen to at work! and I really wish my office building had some sort of cafe all we have is 2 vending machines :(

  2. If it weren't midday, an espresso with a shot of Sambuca works wonders!

  3. Nina! This makes me wish I worked with you and could go and get a cappuccino with you. Miss you bunches and hope to see you soon. :)

  4. I love the Frank channel on Pandora, too. I start out the day with a double cappuccino, myself. I love your dark chocolate and green tea snack in the afternoon -- great idea.