Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Apple Blog

Volume 4

Two weeks later I have finally found a little snippet of time to savor my last bites in the Big Apple and finish up my dreamy weekend recap. It's Sunday morning and I would probably give my baby toe right now to walk out my front door in Charlotte and go grab one of these bagels that Mark and I had our last day in NYC. Alas, they don't make bagels like that in the south, or anywhere else besides New York for that matter.

As highly recommended by the Chidesters, Mark and I ventured our way to 1st Avenue to try out the bagels that were raved so highly of by Sara and John. (John- sorry I forgot your to go oreder of 12 dozen plain bagels!). By this time, Mark and I were feeling like city pros so we walked out of our hotel door and in the blink of an eye we were standing in front of Ess-a-Bagel and more than ready to take a bite and enjoy a true authentic bagel experience as one can only do in New York. The line of this place was out the door and people of all kinds were waiting patiently for a delicious little Sunday breakfast. I immediately knew what I would be indulging in and could not wait to order.

I truly believe that lox on a bagel is an acquired taste- you either love it or the thought of it completely grosses you out. I would be part of the group of taste buds club that loves smoked salmon lox! Much to my excitement, Mark wanted to try this amazing combination so like a pro, I ordered us both Ess-a's award winning lox bagel sandwich. Everything bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato, onion and capers! Cinnamon coffee was calling my name (extra large please) and the first taste of our bagels was incredible. Once again, the words escaped my mind and I just sat and savored what I was putting in my mouth. The bagels were obviously the freshest possible and were stacked high with the deliciousness that filled the middle. I can't fully describe the perfection in the consistency of the bagel but just trust me on this one- never in my life have I had a bagel like this. I was so happy that Mark seemed to enjoy this strange combo as much as I do. Why are NY bagels so much better than anywhere else? A friend told me this week that the city water does something magical to them so I guess we will settle with that.
We ended the weekend walking around Bryant Park and enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning in the city.
My mouth is watering...I am already brainstorming a "to eat" list for our next trip back.


  1. Love the shout-out and picture... makes me want to go back! John said he still wants his bagels. Pixie.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful trip up here! I just found your blog through according to nina--so fun! hope you have a great day.