Friday, October 23, 2009

A Sweet Guest Appearance

Day in and day out, I like to sprinkle a little blog inspiration around as I am constantly recruiting writers (aka my dear friends and family) to participate in a guest appearance on Peace, Love & Good Food. After months of encouraging the other food loving people in my life, my dear co-worker and friend Lindsey "Sweet" Brewer was inspired to share a delightful lunch experience that we had last week at Dean & Deluca! I am now secretly hoping that Linds has sparked some interest and in a perfect world, guest bloggers will be coming out of the woodworks to join in on the peace and love...

By: Lindsey "Sweet" Brewer

Ladies and Gents… If you have not already you need to Google Dean and Deluca, and find the closest one to you right away. I ventured over to the lovely little complex of Stonecrest this afternoon to grab a yummy bite of lunch with who you all know as Nina, but to me is Sweet Nitro. Upon entering the quaint sandwich bar/coffee house/gourmet grocery store, we were greeted with little bites of heaven known to most as Candy Corn… The deluxe version of course. As we made our way to the salad/sandwich bar, we passed little cocktail size tables, just big enough for a salad, a drink, and a lovely magazine or book. (what a great way to spend an afternoon!) I was greeted by the sandwich maker with, “Hi Welcome to Dean and Deluca, what can I get for you today?” I requested a tomato, basil, and mozzarella sandwich, and please add onions. I was not prepared for the lovely little gift that the sandwich maker would soon present me with. It was on the perfect baguette, crunchy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside. The extra virgin olive oil saturated the bread that made it even more savory that it had ventured out to be. The basil was fresh, and had just enough crunch to make it lettuce like, but with much more to offer in the flavor department. The tomatoes were large, thick cut, and lightly brushed with salt and pepper. To top it all off, the caramelized onions on top gave the sandwich a tangy yet sweet little kick, in the middle of all the warmth of the bread and creamy mozzarella. As a side I chose to test out the Dean and Deluca Spicy Potato Chips,that claimed to be made from, “The largest and most flavorful potatoes we could find.” And yes, they delivered! They had just enough spice to make them interesting without overpowering. I finished the meal off with Sparkling Clementine Izze beverage. Perfect little mix of sparkling water with a light orange flavor that is sweet without being sugary. If I have not sparked your interest with this meal, I encourage you strongly to go see what little treasures Dean and Deluca has in store for you.

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