Friday, October 30, 2009

Nuts for Nutella

I have never met a piece of chocolate that my taste buds did not like. I will never be able to find the words that express the loving relationship that I share with chocolate. A piece a day is key for both the happiness in my soul and on some days, my sanity. There is nothing like putting a piece of chocolate in your mouth and just letting it take you to pure chocolate utopia. It came to my attention yesterday that I missed the celebration of National Chocolate Day which took place on Wednesday, October 28! Had I known I would have indulged in something magnificant and perhaps even posted a history lesson on this beloved treat that was introduced to the Western world in the 16th century thanks to the Spanish explorers after they travelled across the pond.

I adore chocolate in all forms, packages, shapes, textures and sizes. My daily piece of chocolate is usually a Dove dark chocolate Promise and perhaps a few semi sweet chocolate chips at night. Anything containing this magic ingredient makes me smile and I have found that much like me, it makes others smile just as much. Earlier this week I sent up a little surprise package for MM and in it I included a jar of one of my favorite forms of chocolate- NUTELLA! This chocolate hazelnut spread has been a favorite of mine since I was little and to this day, my sisters and I often sneakily tip toe into the magic pantry in the Nido kitchen and eat it by the spoonful! Natalie loves it on pretzels and Andi and her strange tastebuds enjoy it in an omelette with marshamellows (disgusting, I know but she swears its delicious) My favorite Nutella memory was during the Nido trip to the motherland in which tiny individual sized portions of Nutella were a part of our daily breakfast spread on bread or a banana or just with our fingers and straight into our mouths! There is no better spread than this heavenly chocolate hazelnut creation. Yesterday morning I received a funny little breakfast picture from MM and was so tickled with his creative Nutella treat! I think he is catching onto my take a "picture of food and blog about" mentality and I love it!
I know I am a few days late but Happy National Chocolate Day...and Happy Halloween Weekend!!


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