Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Red Again!

It's been a fantastic Monday and just when I thought this day couldn't get any better, I found out via Twitter that as of tomorrow, the red cups are back at Starbucks! Be still my heart. To me, these red cups of cheer are one of the first glimpses of the holiday season and the time of year that I live for! My excitement surrounding this small piece of news should not be surprising but nonetheless, I could not keep this information just to myself.

I am no frills coffee drinker as I prefer a well roasted and brewed bean with some nonfat flavored creamer, but Starbucks sees a lot of Nina when the sleigh bells start to jingle. The little red cups also mean the addition of friendly holiday beverages like eggnog cappucinos, gingersnap lattes and the one that tugs at my heartstrings the most- peppermint mochas delicately kissed with red sprinkles atop the playful puff of whipped cream.

The weather outside it about to get frightful so frolick to Starbucks and pick up something delightful!

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