Monday, November 16, 2009

Red Cup Day!

It's not even Thanksgiving and this is already my second post about the delightful red cups of Christmas cheer at Starbucks all season long but I just cannot help in spreading the love. I found out about this little spot on the web thanks to my blog friend Nina over at According to Nina. The site is, "strangers sharing their celebration of the season". I saw Nina's post on Twitter and wanted to join in on the fun! Sunday afternoon, my gorgeous little sister and I sipped on our first peppermint mochas of the season. I have an affinity for all things Christmas tasting but there is something about a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha that makes me feel like a little girl on Christmas eve all over again. We took a picture to document the occasion and I sent it to Red Cup Day. Much to our sister excitement, our faces were sparkling with Christmas magic only a few hours later as our picture was posted on the site!

Nina and Natalie of Charlotte, North Carolina drinking their first peppermint mochas of the season!! My friend, Lindsay, says peppermint mochas might as well be called “Christmas in a Cup”.

Do you have a red cup and a reason to celebrate? Send your cheer to

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  1. awww two of my favorite girls! TOO CUTE! can't wait to share a red cup with you this weekend lovie!