Saturday, March 27, 2010

25 Candles

There really were 25 flaming candles on my 2010 Birthday Cake! I enjoyed my dad's famous and "never to be outdone" penne with vodka sauce and my mom created the most fantastic cake which happens to be the same one that I have been devouring for 25 years now (give or take a few years when she veered from the norm and made something a little the one with the seals and beach balls? I have no recollection of this but apparently, it happened). I don't know that I will ever post the recipe for the cloud like frosting that covers my angel food cake every year but I am sure it's no secret nor is it a hidden recipe. The recipe my mom uses is out of an old Betty Crocker cookbook and is creatively called "white mountain frosting". A puff of birthday bliss in one's mouth for sure. My family celebration was so wonderful, I am blessed.

The quarter of a century celebration isn't over yet! Time for fun with some best friends tonight and a visit from MM this week for the long Easter weekend!!

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